Anger Management Classes in White Plains (Westchester, NY)

Dr. Robert Fraum, Ph.D

Robert M. Fraum, Ph.D. provides group anger management programs in White Plains, NY, including anger management classes and solution-oriented coaching groups. Anger management programs are designed for dealing with anger in personal, intimate, family, and professional relationships. Dr. Fraum is a NY licensed psychologist. He specializes in providing useful treatment, coaching and training for anger management issues.

The next anger management workshop will again be a three session series and is scheduled for Mondays, May 2, 9, and 16th from 8:00 - 9:30 PM in our White Plains office at 499 North Broadway.

The series uses a casual, educational workshop format that encourages participation but does not require a lot of personal self-disclosure. Anger management issues, training and anger control techniques will be explored in these workshop classes.

The 3-session workshop series is $250, prepaid. We strongly recommend that you attend all three classes. For those who cannot attend all three classes, the cost is $100 per individual session, prepaid. Please be prepared to pay by check or cash.

If you’re interested in reserving a spot or learning more about this upcoming workshop series, please contact Bill Straubinger, Program Coordinator and Trainer, by March 30th at (914) 690-9200

How Do Anger Management Groups and Classes Help with Managing Anger?

It's been known for decades that it can be helpful when people with similar issues get together to learn or talk. For many people, it's easier to address an issue with others who share it. You don't feel like the only one with a question or an issue--and you actually aren't. There are usually several people in most anger management classes, anger management groups and anger management workshops with the same questions as you, or with issues that you can identify with, and or relevant experiences that you can benefit from.

The unique power of anger management groups is the support they can provide. Group support includes non-judgmental but candid feedback, compassion, and encouragement. Anger management groups instill positive attitudes toward changing hurtful behavior. This power of a group, combined with the professional expertise of an experienced anger management psychologist or trainer, create a unique opportunity for learning and change. Finally, anger control classes and groups, when indicated, have the additional advantage of reduced cost.

Workshops for Anger Management

Anger control classes present the causes of dysfunctional anger and teach an empowering set of attitudes and techniques for emotional self-regulation. Our anger management workshop is a five-session course that meets on Monday evenings. It teaches a variety of practical anger control methods including cognitive behavior techniques for anger. The class is relaxed and informal.

Anger Management Groups

Anger issues usually develop and get played out in Intimate, family, and work relationships. This anger control group addresses individuals whose relationships, marriages, or jobs are in distress or jeopardy. Group members discuss their anger control issues in detail. They learn anger management techniques and appropriate alternative behavior.

This is an intensive, solution-focused anger management group. The anger coaching group directly engages and guides individuals in recognizing, discussing, and actively doing something about dysfunctional anger. It employs cognitive behavioral techniques as part of a goal-oriented approach to preventing and managing anger. Anger prevention and reduction are also achieved through relationship, communication, and negotiation skills coaching.

Do you have any questions? Call Bill Straubinger, Anger Management Coordinator, at Results for Change, at (914) 690-9200 or

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