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Dr. Robert Fraum, Ph.D

Dr. Fraum is a licensed psychologist, an anger management counselor, psychotherapist, and marriage therapist. His approach to anger control problems is solutions focused. He used a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, psychodynamic and family systems theory. You can get help, treatment and anger management counseling in New York City, Westchester County and Greenwich CT locations. His anger management courses, classes and group anger management therapy are offered in White Plains, NY.

Individual, Couple and Group Anger Management Counseling - Anger Management NYC

Anger Management Counseling in NYC

Anger Management Counselor NYC

You can find anger management counseling in his New York City and Westchester County locations. His anger management courses, classes and groups are located in White Plains, NY.

Types of Anger Management Problems

Types of Anger Management Problems, NY

This web page discusses healthy anger as well as the definition of an anger management problem. It describes different types of anger management problems, unhealthy styles of expressing anger, as well as common psychological disorders which are often accompanied by or create symptoms of anger or rage. It concludes with a discussion on consulting a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist for anger management problems.

Psychology of Anger and Anger Management Techniques

Psychology and Causes of Problems with Anger

This section explains the causes of problems with anger in terms of the psychology of anger, rage and aggression. Psychological history and present clinical state are also considered as contributing causes of anger problems.

We go on to discuss the process of how anger disorders develop. We describe how anger distorts perception, thinking, and memory. We discuss how angry and aggressive behavior develop to alleviate stress and create self stimulation. These dynamics can lead to addiction to anger, especially when denial is a factor.

CBT Techniques for Anger Control

Individual Anger Management Treatment in New York

Is there one best anger management treatment method? We discuss Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychotherapy, emotional self-regulation (ER), and anger management training. We also discuss multi-modal, solution-oriented anger management techniques. The section concludes with suggestions about how to choose the best anger management counselors in your area.

Couples Counseling for Anger Management in NYC

Anger Management Marriage Counseling Techniques, New York

Do couples need good anger management skills to make their relationship successful? I believe so. Resentment or repressed anger undermines trust and erodes a relationship. Uncontrolled anger creates fear and destroys marriages. Marriage counseling that fails to address anger in treatment will fail

Ventilating of anger in couples or marital therapy is not anger management. It is a discredited marriage counseling technique. It is important to closely manage expressions of anger in marriage counseling sessions. I coach couples techniques and skills to master resentment and anger in therapy sessions and to learn positive, useful ways to deal with anger. Sometimes, to resolve a couple's Issues, it is better to get beneath expressions of anger and deal with more intimate feelings.

Anger prevention is the best anger management technique. Anger prevention strategies in marriage counseling include enhancing relationship, communication, and conflict management skills.

Finally, this page describes how to find the best marriage counselors for anger management.

Anger Management Classes, Groups and NY Programs

Anger Management Classes, Groups and Workshops, White Plains, NY

Anger management classes and groups can offer practical alternatives to individual or couple counseling for anger, rage, resentment or aggressive behavior. Classes and groups encourage participation, positive identification, new learning, and a success identity for overcoming anger.

We provide solution-focused workshops and classes. Members learn healthy ways to deal with anger in the workplace, in family and intimate relationships, and in daily life.

Advice and Consultation In New York

Self-Help and Professional Consultation for Managing Anger

Are you unsure if you need a professional anger management consultation? Perhaps self help tips for managing anger are what you need. This section includes my ten tips for managing anger. You will find anger management techniques, suggestions, and exercises on this page. General anger management tips, advice and readings, however, may or may not be enough help. You may need to find an anger management specialist to provide more individualized counseling which is focused to suit your personality, situation and issues. An anger management psychologist can provide useful perspectives and coach you in practical anger control techniques.

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